Monday, June 20, 2016

Must See TV

I featured this way back in 2013, but it is so good we had to run it again.  Full screen she said.

Pics I Like

Awesome Shot

Frisbee golf started way back in the 60's and became a real sport in the 70's with the invention of the basket.

I started playing in college at a local course.  I played occasionally through out my 20's and 30's.  Now they have these very specialized discs which are smaller and with a heavier rim just for golf.  They fly much further than a conventional disc.  I never mastered these discs and still play with 175 gram disc that we used for Ultimate.  A few years ago, I decided to start playing when I walk Kona at the park.  I have gotten remarkably better.  I use objects in the park and I have worked it up to a 9 hole course.

Recently I was at a party celebrating my friend Steve's 40th year of ultimate Frisbee.  A couple of his friends showed up and wanted to check out the local course.  We headed over and they all showed up with their golf discs.  I showed up with my 175 and they started giving me a hard time in a good natured way.  The kept asking if I was really gonna play with the "lid"?  The first hole was a long drive to the woods edge.  My first shot was long and true and I was right with these guys.  My second shot got me about 40 feet from the hole, but I had to get through the trees as well.  I lined it up and boom...birdie!  Lucky, right?  Everyone else parred.  Next hole we all parred.  Third hole, birdie chance again from 50!  I was on a roll and they headed back to their cars to their 175's!  It was a great game and we had a ton of fun.  If you have never tried this wonderful sport, head out the park and get crazy with hole layouts and use the sign posts, grill poles and whatever.  I don't usually use trees because they are too large of a target.   If you have a course nearby, all the better.  I was recently playing at a real golf course (think Tiger) and along with the regular holes they had placed Frisbee golf holes around the course.  How cool.  Now get out there and tee it off!

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Do You Have a Dream??

My dream is getting closer.  For over 20 years I have dreamed of sailing this watery planet.  In a little more than 24 months, we will be departing on a trip of a lifetime.  Sailing to Australia from San Francisco (about 10k miles).  I plan to purchase the boat in 2017 or early 2018 with my friends Tex and Mike.  We will depart in September 2018.  The voyage will take one year.  My wife is not going but has given me the opportunity to make this journey.  She plans to meet me in some of the best spots.  I have been preparing for this epic adventure by sailing the bay for the last 30 years, offshore cruising in Mexico (5 Haha's) and many charters in the Caribbean and Mexico.  I have more Baja Haha's coming up plus another Caribbean bareboat charter. 

This dream has brought so much to my life.  The people I have met in the pursuit of this dream.  The boat that I have owned and shared with my boat partners for the last 16 years.  The Addiction has brought so much joy into my life.  The wonder of being on the water for those years in many different points on the planet.  Keeping in shape with daily workout on the land and in the pool.  I love it!

Now it's your turn!  What are going to do with this gift of life you have been given?  If I can get one person to imagine and pursue their dream, I have succeeded.  Dream big and dream often.  I hope your dream comes true, but it is entirely up to you. 

I hope you enjoyed the video.  You can find more from this gent if you go straight to Youtube. 

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Got Anchor?

Heading out for a Father's Day Cruise to celebrate the sailstice!  We now have three for our cruise to Australia in 2018.  Welcome aboard Mike!

Pics for You

Abandon Ship!

The two words no sailor would ever like to hear.  They say you should always step up when leaving the boat for the last time.  A few years ago, my friend and boat partner was in such a predicament.  He had jumped aboard a super high tech trimaran called Transit of Venus.  They were bringing the boat back to San Francisco from Hawaii after a successful race to the islands.    They were fighting the winds, tacking alot and working hard for the miles.  This was no pleasure cruise.  In the dark of night almost three weeks out, something went bump in the night.  A large object had hit the starboard amas and caused major damage.  So much so the the boat could not sail forward much more than one knot and hour.  They looked at their options and none were good.  They sent out a May Day and within the hour, a tanker was there for the rescue.  What luck!  They gathered up their most important belongings and swam over to the rope ladder that had been lowered by the tanker crew.  Can you picture yourself at this point?  I hope none of us has to.  They make it on deck to be greeted by the Captain of the ship.  Within a few minutes they ascertain they are now on a cruise to Panama!  How long will it take?  About two weeks came the answer.  Oh boy, the wife is not going to be happy!  They made it to Panama after a very long and boring cruise.  They did not have any passports so they were delayed another week trying to get home.  They finally made back to good old SF.  The boat is out there somewhere.  Good thing she was insured.  The moral of the story?  Anything can happen out there and usually will.  If it's going to happen, it's going to be out there.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Bohemian Groove!

Just returned from a great trip up to the Russian River and the Bohemian Grove.  My friend Chris has been a member for many years and he invited me to join his camp.  We arrived about 3pm on Thursday and quickly integrated ourselves into the music scene.  That day we saw about 7 bands at the various camps and venues.  It was amazing.  There are about 2500 members and guests - all male in attendance this weekend.  Meals are sometimes in the camps but there is also a huge common area for meals.

The most amazing thing about the camp is the location.  All the redwoods are 1st growth so many are over 1500 years old.  The canyon is tight and beautiful.  Camps are spread thru a large area and many are perched on the sides of the valley.  It is truly spectacular. No electronics are allowed, the only way to communicate with the outside world is a bank of land line phones.

The days are filled with lectures and music.  Our camp was very nice with a huge deck and stage as well as an enclosed area with seating inside.  We had a musical performance on the stage as well as a speaker one afternoon.  Lunch at the camp followed.  Prepared by our crew of 4 in excellent fashion.

The musical highlights included a soul/R&B show with some of my favorite songs, a tribute to the Eagles (we scored front row as Chris had his timing down) and a jam session at one of the camps with fiddlers and guitars.

I met some very cool folks and had a very memorable weekend.  They have been hosting these weeks and weekends for over 100 years at this venue.  A weekend I will not soon forget!

Wednesday, June 08, 2016

World Sailing

Heading up to the Bohemian Grove this week.  Got an invite from a friend.  I will be rubbing elbows with the movers and shakers.  Should be a ton o' fun!

Here is the lowdown on the hoedown.  Click here.