Thursday, July 21, 2016

Furler Foul

Kona and I were out the other day and we were flying under full jib.  20 knots plus and the wind keeps building.  Time to furl to less than 100%.  I pull the furling line but it won't budge.  The furler is a year old so it should work fine.  Must be tangled inside the drum.  If I try to sail back into the slip I will be going way to fast as we have a downwind slip.  I could head into the harbor, anchor and try to get the sail down.  That's going to be tuff as the sail would be all over me as I anchor.  Before I try that, I go on a reach and the boat is sailing herself just fine.  I shimmy up to the bow and we are heeled pretty good so it's a bit dangerous to be on the pointy end.  I get on my butt and get to the drum.  I do my best to loosen the line inside.  I head back to the cockpit and she furls without issue.  Dodged a big bullet and continued a fine sail and swim in Clipper Cove.  Got lucky and had a great day!

Monday, July 18, 2016

Angel Sail

 Mike, Kona and I sailed out about 11am on Sunday.  Mike mentioned some live music was on tap in the afternoon at Angel Island.  Let's go.  The wind helped us sail a reach to the island and with main and a reduced jib we were fighting in 20-22 knots.  The wind lined us up on the north side of Raccoon Straits.  We did a couple tacks and we headed in to Ayala Cove.  We had a nice lunch in the cockpit and then headed in for some bocce and music.  We played a very competitive game thru the picnic area and Mike won 7-6.  We walked over to check out the trio and found out there is music there every Sunday from 2-4:45.  We heard some old Beatles tunes as well as a few other oldies.  Back to boat and I opt to take the easy way home and we retrace our steps from Emeryville.  The wind is in the mid to high 20's and we are racing to the barn.  Great way to spend a Sunday!

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Pics for You

Had a great sail with Jason on Thursday.  We had winds in the high 20 and the headed under the bay bridge for a 12 knot cruise across the bay and back.  One more sail on Sunday and the conditions look fantastic.  Get out there if you can!

Saturday, July 09, 2016

Airbnb for Exotic Sailing Vacations

Have you ever wanted to do a charter in Croatia or maybe you always wanted to party in Ibiza from the comfort of your yacht.  Well here is your chance.  For anywhere from $50-250 per day, you can join a boat in some of the greatest cruising grounds on the planet.  Instead of organizing your own charter, you jump aboard a boat that is going that way.
Check it here.

Friday, July 08, 2016

Download the Rag

Sit back and enjoy a boat load of sailing adventures and learn more about distant cruising grounds.  Click here.