Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Fair Winds, Addiction - 17 years of pure Joy!

Last weekend was my last sail as a partner on the good ship Addiction, our 1981 Newport 30.  Here is the note I wrote to my partners:

Tex and I had a terrific sail to Sausalito on Saturday.  We stayed at our favorite marina, Schoonmaker.  It's got a great beach for bocce and a restaurant right in the marina.  We worked on the bilge for a bunch of hours and by 2pm we were ready to sail from Emeryville.  It had been cloudy all day.  By the time we reached Raccoon, it was sunny and lovely.  Best part of the day. 

Sunday was my last sail on the boat as a partner.  We headed out the Gate for a bit and I realized it had been a while since going out there.  Maybe a couple years.  Down past the city front, we gybed for home.  We had a nice run back to the barn in a warm wind.  Joked about raising the spinnaker one more time but there was too much wind.
It has been a fantastic ride!  The Addiction has brought so much fun and joy into my life.  I am one happy sailor!   And a lucky one at that!  Thanks to all of you for joining me on a fantastic chapter of my life!
And now for something completely different...a 7000 mile sail to OZ!!!

Over the last month, I have been doing the best of the bay while sailing to my favorite spots:
1 Sail to Sam's for lunch
2 Sail to Angel Island for bocce and live music (Bobby McGee)
3 Sail to Scott's Cove with John
4 Sail to Sausalito and overnight with Tex at Schoonmaker.  Great dinner! And a great way to end my time with this amazing boat.On to a bigger and better boat!

Friday, August 11, 2017

Last Sojourn on the Addiction

Tex and I are heading to Sausalito for the night on Saturday.  Kona and Carmen (dogs) will join us as well.  We are heading to a harbor we have been to many times, Schoonmaker.  It's been 5 years since we have been to this cute little beach marina.  It has been so full over the years that we have not been able to get in.  We will have a nice meal at a local restaurant and then close the boat up one last time.  17 years of memories will flood my brain.  You see, I have loved this boat from the day we got her.  She sails great, has taken care of us in some big winds and seas and hosted so many friends and family aboard.  If figure I sail about 80 times a year.  That means I have sailed this boat over 1200 times!!  That's alot folks.  Most active boats go out once a month or less.  I am nuts about sailing.

And now I am moving up to a much larger boat for our trip to Australia in 2018.  I have about 6 boats to look at in the coming month.  This is very exciting.  I will keep you posted on the hunt.  Wish me luck.

Pics of the Week

Saturday, August 05, 2017

Pics of the Week

Kona on the dodger.

Heading out with my sailing buddy John for our last sail on Addiction together.  We have had many!  20-25 knot winds should get us where we want to go.  My last weekend on the boat will be next weekend with an overnight to Sausalito with Tex.  Bittersweet.

By the way, 8-1 was World Naked Sailing Day.  I missed it but i will endeavor  to make it happen in the future.  Now why didn't I think about starting this famous day?

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

The End is Near

Happy August everyone.  My boat partnership of 17 years is in it's last month.  I took out the new partner for a sail on Sunday and it was bittersweet.  I am getting ready to purchase a larger boat for a trip to Australia in 12 months.  I have had so many excellent sailing days on this Newport 30.  Trips up the delta, Napa, ballgames and all the friends and family I have taken for a sail.  Right now I have about 3-4 sail left this month.  I am attempting to hit all my favorite spots on the boat I love.  Last Monday was Sam's Restaurant in Tiburon.  On Sunday, it was a trip to Angel Island and some bocce.  I am hoping to head to Sausalito for a weekend in a few weeks.  And then it will end.  I have a very busy next few weeks including Burning Man.  It will be a sad day when I turn over the keys.  Here's to the 1000+ days I spent sailing her around the bay.  I depart with hopes that this 1981 edition has another 30 years or more of sailing days ahead of her.  Bon voyage my friend!