Friday, June 23, 2017

J Cup in Bermuda

Some of the biggest spinnakers in world.  These yachts are as beautiful as they are expensive!

Full screen only, please! 

Competing J Boats:
Lion Heart - Winner!

What do you love about sailing?

From some boating rock stars.

For me it is being one with nature.  The light in and around the boat. The nights under the stars and moon.  The creatures that you share the moment with ( including the people!).  And finally the sunrises and sunsets...and maybe a green flash!  And how good does that glass of wine taste with a fine meal to end the day?  The sailing life is a great life!


Nostalgia is in my blood.  I love recalling the past and looking back over the 58 years that I have swum, sailed, water skied, kayaked, rafted, surfed, windsurfed, water poloed, boogie boarded, SCUBAed, skim boarded, catamaraned, and trimaraned this planet.   I do have some land based interests of course.  One includes the cinema and some TV.  I ran across a site that was looking back at movies and such and wanted to share some great pics with you.

 Jimmy the day before he left us for a higher calling.
 This is how they used to shop in London.

 Robert and Sarah
 I like the blond Lisa better.
 Mr. T
Oh, that's me?

One thing that really brings me back is music.  I used to listen to this great radio show called 10 at 10.  Ten great songs from one great year.  For example, they would play 1976, the year I graduated from high school.  They would play songs like, Love is Alive: Gary Wright, Bohemian Rhapsody: Queen, Golden Years: David Bowie, Lines on my Face: Peter Frampton, Slow Ride: Foghat, Evil Woman: ELO, Let's Do It Again: Staple Singers, Dream On: Areosmith and finally Sweet Thing: Rufus.  These songs take me right back to hanging out with my friends in the basement that year.  Think: That 70's Show.  I think back to some of the highlights of that year and it really makes me happy.  It's important to have memories and I believe the only way to have those memories is to keep thinking about them.  Dream on, Stevie!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Pics of the Week

Bora Bora in Tahiti - This is what is left of an ancient volcano.

That is so cute!

I polled my buddies for some concerts this summer.  Turns out they all picked concerts in June.  Dead & Company (Dave), Roger Waters (Geoff), The Specials (Hilary) and Ziggy Marley (Marc).  Ziggy was very good as he did a few Bob songs that were magical.  All were great and I hope to catch a few more in July and August.  Have my first trip to Alaska planned.  It's going to be one hell of a fantastic month!

J Class at the AC

The last J boat race is today.  Looking for some footage and hope to post.  In the actual Cup races this weekend, TNZ could finish up the racing and win the Cup.  Will USA make a bid?  We shall see.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Bermuda Super Yacht Cup

Here is some footage of the largest collection of J yachts put together in a race.  It's amazing.  All part of the lead up to the finals of the AC which start on Saturday.  USA and NZ will be duking it out over the next few weeks.  Hopefully you have access to NBC or the app to enjoy the racing.  The racing is this weekend and next with the finish on 6-27.  Can USA make it a 3-peat?

Had one of the most beautiful sails of the year yesterday.  Took off in some light winds to start the day.  Kept building as we approached Angel.  Finally over 20 and we reef the genoa.  Head into Craig's Cove for a little magic.  I pull out the hammock and John heads up to enjoy this lovely cove.  Kona and I swim to the beach in our birthday suits.  Why not, no one around.  We have an amazing sail home in about 12-15 knots on an unusually warm day on the bay.  Fantastic!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

MOB - Don't Let This Be You!

Pics of the Week

Heading out today for a fine sail with my buddy John.  Winds are forecast to be in the mid 20's and warm.  Should be a great day to enjoy the bay.  Kona will be there too.  Today is the Warrior's celebration parade in downtown Oakland.  Congrats on winning the championship!  Go Dubs!

Summer Sailstice Raft Up June 24-25

There is but one sailing holiday during the year and that is the weekend of the summer solstice.  In an effort to get folks on the water and celebrate sailing, Summer Sailstice was founded in 2001 right here in the bay area.  Why celebrate sailing?  Sailing has expanded the horizons of the human race, connected continents and cultures, enriched the lives of mankind and, to this day, continues to bring millions under its spell. Summer Sailstice is dedicated to celebrating the full mosaic of the sailing culture.  By celebrating sailing, Summer Sailstice will help the non-sailing world discover sailing, help connect sailors and connect more people to each other and to caring for the oceans and waters upon which they sail.
Tallship, small ship, cruiser, racer, recreational - everyone is invited once a year to hoist sails and celebrate sailing 'together'.  By doing so we showcase the best of what sailing has to offer while giving you a chance to connect with the global sailing community, grow your sailing programs, race your one-design fleet and generally do what you enjoy best.  With all of us doing it 'together' we also leverage all of our individual and organization efforts to offer the world a one-weekend snapshot of the sailing culture. 
Some 20,000 boats will be participating.  Our boat is heading to a huge overnight raft up in Clipper Cove.  They are attempting to get 100 boats into the raft up.  Last year they had 60 or so.  Should be a very fun time.  If you are interested, go to the Summer Sailstice website and sign up to win some great prizes, including a bareboat charter in the BVI's.  Get out there and hoist a sail!!

Monday, June 12, 2017

Keel Failure (as in: falling off the boat!)

Saw this on Yachting World:
From cruisers with keels that rock from side to side, to cracks, gaps and alarming rust streaks, the stories that some industry professionals can tell make uncomfortable listening. Among the more shocking accounts I heard was one from a surveyor who was called to inspect a boat that had experienced a grounding. When he arrived on the scene and the boat had been lifted it was clear that it had hit the bottom harder than had been suggested by the previous charterers – so hard, in fact, that the keel was “hanging on by a thread”.

When the surveyor informed the charter operators of the damage, he was staggered to hear that the boat would be going back out on charter offshore the following day as the company did not want to suffer any loss of income and that there was no time to effect repairs.

Equally shocking is the story of a charter boat that lost her keel after hitting rocks in the Isles of Scilly, but went on to complete three charters and more than 100 miles of cruising before anyone noticed that the 37-footer had no keel.

How is that possible????

Read the article here.

Friday, June 09, 2017

Pics of the Week

 Night Sail - With the start of summer, I wanted to get in a night sail.  I arrrived at the boat around 8pm.  Picked up Tex on the way out the habor and into the wild blue.  The wind was light as we departed and all the sails were up.  All of your senses come alive at night and it was a night we needed them all.  There was wind ahead and over 20 knots.   We finally had to reef the jib as the wind kept getting stronger.  The moon was shining bright as we appraoched Angel Island.  Wow, what a sail!  We head back but can't make way around the pier so we go downwind the 3 miles of this old pier that is a nightmare for mariners.  Fortunately my phone has the proper charts and we can discern the location of the safe passage of the cut in the pier.  We get through safely and head for home.  That was one of my windier night sails and very exhilerating indeed.   Definitely in the Top 5 night sails of all time!!