Sunday, September 13, 2020

Lia Arrives in HI after Rowing for 86 Days!

She departed SF in June and after several almost fatal capsizes, she has finally arrived in Honolulu.   This is an amazing accomplishment.  Some may ask Why?  Why put your life in danger for such a self indulgent act?  As a mater of fact, another rower died trying the same thing during her voyage.  Humans are born to experience hardship and isolation.  We have an unbelievable tolerance to endure.  I was just reading about 3 boys who tried to escape boring island life so they stole a boat and were found drifting and barely alive after 51 days at sea.   Wow!  Check out Lia's site for more updates.  Currently, she is asleep at a luxury beach front hotel.  After 86 days at sea, they did not require her to go in quarantine.

Friday, September 11, 2020

2020 Baja Ha Ha Canceled

They just announced the cancellation of this years Haha.  I had hoped to help a boat get safely down the peninsula and complete my 7th Haha.  My first Haha was in 2010 aboard a quick cat.  I have had nothing but wonderful adventures sailing the coast on other folks boats.  The sojorn is 750 miles and takes 10 days with stops in Turtle Bay and Santa Maria.  The destination is Cabo San Lucas.  150 boats and 500 folks.  What fun.  You can still safely sail to Mexico and with that in mind, one of the long time participants is organizing the Nada Haha.  40 boats have already signed up!  Cruising in Mexico is permitted at this time and the folks that doing it are enjoying their time.  I will look forward to next November and hope the Haha tradition continues.  

Tuesday, September 01, 2020

Download the Mag!


Head to for a free download of the West Coast's favorite sailing mag.  Hot off the press today.

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

WSL Big Wave Rides of the Year...the nominees

 I grew up surfing back east in southern Delaware.  When I moved to Nor Cal in '81, I found my home with 8-10 foot waves in Carmel and Santa Cruz.  My first tube ride was in Zuma on shrooms.  What a ride.  They say that getting tubed is like returning to the womb.  However, this is a womb with a view!  Sorry, old joke.