Thursday, December 07, 2017

The Big Ugly

Went out on a big wind day on Monday and got caught in some 40 knot gusts.  Pretty scary but we survived.  Our jib furler got jammed and we could not get all of the jib down.  After an hour we tore a bit of the jib and she will need repairs.  The boat did just fine in those conditions.

Friday, December 01, 2017

Charter Boat Caught in 70 knot winds

Pics of the Week

Had an amazing solo sail today.  Winds were 8 or so when I hit the bay.  Had a few tacks to get out in the central bay.  Wind was building to 10 and I thought about going out the Gate if things got better.  Wind changed dirction and more westerly so I head north abit.  The wind speed is hitting 14 as we bash back towards Treasure Island.  Once behind the island the waves calm down and we are on a beam reach.  As I head towards the barn, the wind continues to build and almost hits 20.  We tack and head out once more hitting 7.5 knots on the GPS. Very little pressure on the wheel so I lock it and off she goes.  It's truely amazing how good this boat feels.  We tack one last time for a sunset ride to the channel.  The forecast had been 5 and we got 20!

Monday, November 27, 2017

Trying to Save a Sinking boat

This catamaran couple are in the middle of nowhere in OZ and they have hit a reef.  The rudders went up thru the hull and now she is taking on tons of water.  They put together 3 or 4 vids of their ordeal that you can view.  This is a heartbreaker as the boat is slowly going down.

Best of Burning Man

Wow! My 3rd Burning Man was spectacular.  We had an amazing camp with an art car that was out of this world.  There was a managable 30 burners in our camp at Black Rock (about 2 hours north east of Reno).  We had a shady camp with a couch hangout spot and one long table for the meals.  My friend Chris and I went out every afternoon and hit the bars and music venues.  At night, after a wonderful meal, we took out the "slug" and rambled thru the playa.  All 30 of us, plus a few friends could fit on the art car.  One night, we were in deep playa and one of the other large art cars broke down.  There were 20 kids aboard and 12 adults.  We rescued them and somehow fit an additional 32 more people aboard.  Most went on top of our double-decker.  Here is a collection of pics that will illustrate the wonders of BM.

 This 12' bear is made up entirely of pennies!

 For more in-depth look at the art and people, checkout this sublime slideshow

Bonus photo: here is our vehicle of choice when we attend the week-long festival.  The Bioluminescent Slug is a two story mutant.  Downstairs are bar stools and the DJ set up.  Upstairs is an open deck with a stripper pole!  It also gives you a great vantage point above the crowd.  Good times indeed!!

Here is my favorite vid about going to see the Man burn!

Here is an interesting comment from the web:  Decommodification, Community Participation and Self-Reliance are among leading principles of Burning Man. The idea is to live without separation and alienation and to become more openly involved with each other. This is supposed to be much different from today's society. But, Burning Man wouldn't and couldn't exist without today's high-tension, high-tech environment. Efforts to prepare for, arrive at and participate in Burning Man couldn't happen if not for today's frenetic society. In addition, since it began, more and more millionaires/billionaires are attending who bring their high-tech, wealthy and separated world into Burning Man. The organizers have found a way to justify and rationalize this intrusion though their justification goes against the grain of Burning Man principles. Basically, you can't put the toothpaste back in the tube.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Help Us Save The Internet!!

Hey Gang,

We need your help to keep the internet as it is.  Please go to the website at the end of this text and take a look.  At the very least, scroll down to John Oliver's video on the subject.  We cannot let the FCC monopolize the internet.  You will be very unhappy if this plan goes forward.  And it will be very costly to you as well.  The website will make it very easy to call your congressperson and a script to let them know you donot approve.  Take a few minutes to do this today.  We only have a few more weeks to let them know our feelings.  Thanks.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Big Wednesdays

Had a bunch of rain on Thursday for the first big storm in CA.  The ski resorts opened in the Sierras this weekend to 4'-6' of new pow!  Winter is around the corner.  This weekend has been beautiful with mid 60's during the day.  Going sailing today with a few friends and my wife.  I think she likes the new boat as she never sails.  Gonna be fun!