Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Simply Sailing

I was first introduced into the sailing world on Lake Mead near Las Vegas during college. My French friend Phillippe had rented a windsurfer and was teaching us how to sail it. Fun! I moved to Palo Alto in 81' and then got my first board in 84'. Sailed like crazy on the SF bay and delta for the next 16 years and loved it. We purchased our 30' Newport in 2000 and man am I hooked! Now I am dreaming of sailing to New Zealand in the future after my son heads of to college and I retire. Here is my favorite sailing quote and it really sums up the way I feel about sailing, "Something about sailing a boat brings so many senses and sensations into play that it's very difficult to pinpoint what it is specifically that makes me like it so much: the sight of sails and sheets overhanging the water; the foam and spray flying as the bow cuts the water; the motion of the boat; the physical and mental ballet necessary to handle the boat correctly. A sailboat might just be the most beautiful, sensuous and intelligent blend of man/machine/and elements that exists in the world today. The relationship between the three is the most harmonious I have experienced so far. Besides, you can have a beer while you do it". --anonymous

Here's a video compilation that will help get you thru your day. Let's go sailing!!

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