Thursday, November 15, 2007

Sailboat Ownership on the Cheap

For those of you considering buying a boat in the near future, there is the big question of: cost of ownership. What will it cost on a monthly basis to own a sailboat? From my experience over the last seven years, it can be a very expensive experience or it can be inexpensive (how does $3 a day for a 30 foot sailboat sound to you?). Let's take for example, our 25 year old sailboat on the San Francisco Bay. Our boat happens to be a 30' Newport designed by Gary Mull for Capital Yachts. We purchased her for $16k about 7 years ago. At the time, we had three partners so a little over $5k each. Not bad. She was in great shape and sail ready. Fast forward to today and we have 5 partners and we each pay $100 per month. Our slip fees are about $280 per month so that leaves us plenty of money that can go towards insurance, bottom cleaning, haulouts, repairs, etc. If you are interested in reading further and learning how to set up a partnership, please see this article I wrote for Latitude 38. Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to see our partnership agreement. If you have ever wanted to own a boat, now is the time to move forward!!


Debbie said...

Found your post today. I too, own a Newport 30 (a 1985 and my only partner is my hubby). We love this boat! I think they are a great older boat to buy if you're looking for an inexpensive way to get into boating.

I have a blog that I log our adventures on her in. I also talk about the upkeep and repairs we've done. Last winter we did a Newport solid fuel heater on her. What a great addition for our area. I went from 45* inside her to 85* in about 20 minutes. Great improvement for me!

I like the picture you've got too. Looks like a nice place. I've never been to your area, is that a spot on the bay?

Craig Russell said...

Thanks Debbie for your comment. Yes we love our Newport too! It is such a perfect bay boat. This picture is one of my fav's. I found it on the net many years ago. All I know is this is a little cove in Fiji. Send me a note at this address so we can talk more about Newports.