Thursday, February 12, 2009

Top Spots for SCUBA

Lion Fish

I have been diving since college and it is one of my favorite things to do when we travel to tropical ports. Fiji, Thailand, Bali, Tahiti, BVI's, Cozumel, Hawaii are just a few of the spots I have gotten wet. If you have ever considered getting certified, now is the time. I got mine when I was on the swim team at UNLV. We were taking a trip to Hawaii for training and the coach thought it would be a great idea to get certified. Since we were all great swimmers, it was easy. The dive we took was not the best. One mistake we made was not to hire a divemaster and a boat. We carried our equipment out to the head of Hunamma Bay to a place called the Toilet Bowl. My friend Dave was my dive buddy and in we went. We were in the water for about 20 minutes when I ran out of air. I gave Dave the signal that I was out of air - finger across the neck. He thought I wanted to "practice" buddy breathing. I gave him the signal again and he reluctantly gave me his regulator. As soon as I passed it back, he ran out of air. So he thinks I have plenty of air and he gives me the signal. Now we are both giving each other the signal and neither has any air. We were in 30' of water so we both did a slow swim to the surface and made it up without a problem. It was a funny start to some great diving adventures all over the world. He is a list of some of the greatest dive spots on the planet.

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