Monday, December 20, 2010

2010 - A Look Back at my Sailing Highlights

Another amazing year of sailing the SF bay and beyond! Here are some of the highlights:

Sailing down the coast of Baja Sur on the 36' cat Rainbow and having the time of my life. If you are thinking about joining the Ha Ha next year, I highly recommend it

Sailing to the Farallon Islands for the first time

A three day sail up the Petaluma River with my best bud Tex and Kona

Full moon night sails

Kaboom with a great crew and the night sail home

Boat Improvements: A spinnaker sock!

A sail in the rain to the Giants game and then over to Angel for dinner and an overnight with Andy

Sailing out the Gate

Michael Franti with Dave and then a sail to SF to pick up my sis and her fam for a day sail to Angel

Sailing to Jack London for the boat show and the Baja Haha reunion. The night sail home was memorable as well

A warm wind sail with some of the Baja crew and then dinner at the SF yacht club coupled with a great night sail home

Blue Angel sail with some great friends

Sailing to the Giants games and a World Series Crown

Sailing with my Dad on Lake Sunapee, NH

Over night sail on Rainbow outside the gate and feeding the fish for the very first time

My friend Ryan and his home brew kegs for some great sailing off Tiburon

Swimming with Kona

Sailing with Kendell up to Paradise Cove and a beach picnic with his girls

Our boat performed flawlessly this year. We are heading into the next decade of ownership of our Newport 30 and look forward to another great year in 2011. Some of the thoughts for next year are: La Paz Cruise on a 41' Morgan with friends, Baja Haha II, a saill adventure to Tomales Bay, Cruising with Olivier on his brand new Hunter 41 and many day sails with friends. Should be another spectacular year!

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R said...

I made the list! Great memories of The Addiction last year. Brewing up some new ideas for 2011 already.