Thursday, June 06, 2013

Sailing to the Giants Game

Went out on Tueday with my best friend from my childhood, Andy and his daughter Lexie.  We hit the water about 4pm with a long port tack to Angel Island.  Telling stories about our days at UNLV and growing up to Lexie.  She is going to be a junior at UNR this year.  Tacked in 20 knots with the jib only.  Nobody out so we let the boat do the steering.  Made it past Treasure and towards the city front.  Under the bay bridge and the winds came up a bit.  Really great sailing.  We have a slip reserved and head in.  Some tailgating and then we were off to see the Giants play the Blue Jays.  Giants won 2-1 and now we are headed back.  The winds are in the high teens and we went with just the jib again.  Close to Treasure, we raised the main and headed home.  I had not done a night game in several years as we get home sooo late.  Over the last few years, it has been day games with awesome sunset sails.  However, I really enjoyed our safe transit and it was great to be on the bay at night again.  No traffic and we can park closer than any cars. Go Giants!

And a little Green Flash to boot!

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