Monday, August 05, 2013

Awesome Sail Out the Gate

Over the weekend, I went for a sail on my friend John's Ranger 33 out of Sausalito.  And what a sail it was.  We took off around 11am.  As soon as we hit the end of the channel, there was Team NZ out on the bay in practice mode.  There she goes foiling across the bay.  Soon another AC boat comes into view.  No graphics on this one but I soon realize it is the brand new Artimus boat from the Swedish team.  We are out in the middle of the bay near the Gate and the 72' foot NZ monster is heading near us just off our port bow.  Wow!  She flies by us foiling and less than 50' away.  So cool.

A couple more runs and we check the tides and it is a perfect time to head out towards the Pacific.  We pass under the Gate and the wind is in the high teens with very little swell.  There are only 2 other boats out here and we are excited.  A few more tacks and we pass Point Bonita and the end of the strait and out on the Pacific.  Because of the distance to this location, tides and many other factors, I only sail out here once or twice a year, so this is a big deal.  The conditions are perfect and we let the boat steer herself for a bit while we grab a bite.  Soon we are a mile offshore and enjoying the north south looks up and down the coast.  Time to head in.  We take a few tacks in and soon we find ourselves back in the marina and celebrate our safe return.  What a great day.  Thank-You John!

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