Friday, February 21, 2014

A great story...

A few years back we were heading towards Tiburon and came upon a lovely cove with a beach.  On the beach was a beautiful Spanish style home with a pool right on the beach.  Kona needed a swim and so we headed to the beach.  Someone was swimming in the pool so we headed over for intros.  I introduced myself and the gentleman said hello and introed me to his small son, also in the pool.  He said, Would you like to join us in the pool? No thanks I am pretty sandy.  Well can I fix you a drink?  No we have plenty on the boat.  Then he says, well why don't you head upstairs and make love to my wife?  Man this guy is
awesome.  I declined but what a nice guy.  We still sail to this cove and I am still swimming to this beach.  I stopped by last summer and the guy and his son came out to the beach to see Kona.  I asked him if anyone else swims over to the beach?  Nope, you are the only one!  Ha!

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