Tuesday, May 06, 2014

A Little Aloha Goes a Long Way

Greeting from Maui.  I am over here on vacation and thought I would help out an acquaintance of mine.  Ronnie Simpson is into torture.  He is currently on a sailing mission from SF to Australia on an engine less Cal 27.  He lost his mast on a routine sail and now is stuck in Lahina.  I am meeting with him today to give him a hand in replacing it with a new mast.  Ronnie has had a shitload of bad luck over the last 5 years and I have reported several of his mishaps on these pages.  In short, he has lost a rudder off San Diego and caught a passing freighter to China.  His float plan was taking him to Hawaii but this was not to be.  Then, in a return after a race to Hawaii, he lost his keel.  And still made it to SF.  Now a mast.  His dream is to sail in the 2018 Volvo Race around the planet.  Non stop on an Open 60.  Wow.  Check out his video below as I am only scratching the surface on the toughness this man owns.

I posted this vid a month ago but it is worth watching again! 

Had an amazing sunset sail on a friends 50 footer last night.  The crew was also delightful.

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steflea said...

Your explanations and images ditch my help.
I want to make a e-book about how to build a boat with vele.Barca we built in 1977, but we did not have a camera handy, so I am inspired by your pictures. I hope you do not mind. Thanks