Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Music Vault Opens Library

If you are a concert goer, you may want to head here for a listen.  All the greatest rock bands are here.

Just returned from a great trip to New Hampshire to see my family.  We were at Lake Sunapee in a beautiful cove at my sisters house.  Lots of dramatic weather including lighting storms and lots of wind from a passing hurricane.  What a great vacation.  My brother in law Ray had one of the Phantom Drones.  We were passing by on a boat and he flew out towards us.  He ended up hitting a tree and the drone went swimming.  He dried it out and by the time we departed she was flying again.  Pretty amazing.

Engine update:  My partners have removed our Yanmar and some Crailglisters have taken it away.  We are now waiting for the electric components to arrive and we hope to be sailing again in a few weeks.  If you have not heard, we are converting our boat to electric.  Pretty cool stuff. 

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