Monday, August 25, 2014

30 Years: Hello Sailor

I had a few sails on the bay prior to 1984-5 but sailing hooked me in early 85 when I moved to the lagoon at Foster City.  I started windsurfing on the lagoon after a friend gave me a windsurfer that he was not using.  The sailing was fast and fun and it was right outside my door.  I would eventually start a windsurfing club and travel north and south to find wind.   Since then I have had a sunfish, a dory sailboat and now my 30' Newport.  I love everything about sailing.  Being outdoors, seeing the beautiful vistas from the water, and sharing it with friends.  Especially the beauty of the SF bay and ocean. 

Last night was a great example.  I took off at 5pm and most folks were already done for the day.  The coast was clear and the wind was in the low 20's.  Kona and I headed towards San Rafael on a nice hour long tack.  On our well balanced boat and a little jib out in these conditions, it is very relaxing to sit behind the dodger out of the wind and let the boat sail herself.  She does a great job once you get the right amount of sail out.  We did a few tacks towards the city and then headed in as darkness fell.  Here is to another 30 years of sailing the bay and well beyond.

Amazing skim board surfing!

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