Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Financial Happiness

One thing about this blog is I know where some of my readers are from, but nothing else about the demographics of my readers.  If I have any younger readers (18-30), here is a great website that may help you find your way in our $$$ based world.  It's called Wall Street Playboys.  Its from several folks on Wall Street that give free advice to the younger set.  Their advice is spot on and it may give you some insight on how to shape your financial future (so you can buy that really nice Pacific Seacraft down the line).

In one of the posts, they were talking about starting your own company.  I decided to chime in in hopes of giving the younger readers some inspiration in starting their own business.  Here is my comment:

Hello All,
I came upon your blog and am very impressed.  I am in my mid 50's and have a son who just started college.  I plan to pass the website to him as the advice is spot on .  To echo some of these insights (and to help the younger readers), I started in the hotel biz out of college (my degree was in Hotel Mgt from UNLV).  I was in sales and working for Hyatt (grinding as they say on this site).  The money sucked and the hours were long.  I was going nowhere, but was always having a great time in life (lived in Palo Alto many years and life was outstanding)  It seamed I could never have more than $3k in my savings account.  Then I met some folks who were event planners at a convention booked at the hotel.  It was a female crew and they were having a blast as they worked the daily events.  I quit the Hyatt the next week and joined them.  I had a few year run with them in the Silicon Valley in the late 80's.  After learning the biz, I asked myself, why am I working so hard, making under $30k and they reap all the rewards?   I quit at the end of the year and started my own event planning company in the valley.  Here we are 22 years later and my wife and I run the biz out of our home and we have an excellent life and a very comfortable lifestyle.  If you can start a successful home biz, you will cut down on much of the stress in life  (being at work 7am (drag), commuting (drag), meetings, meetings, meetings (drag)). My happiness comes from making other people happy and that is what my company brings to me.  I just watched a vid that said why waste your time doing something you hate and getting fired when you can take a chance on something you love and be successful. Granted, alot of small businesses fail, but you never know unless you try.   I started with nothing so I had nothing to lose!

The bottom line: Find something you love and makes lots of money doing it.  Best of luck!

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