Monday, March 23, 2015

Hurricane Marie vs. The Wedge

August 2014

The winds are back on the bay!  We go through a lull in winter as the winds mellow out to 5-10 from December to March.  The spring winds can be some of the biggest of the year.  We are getting close to that time, however Sunday was just perfect with 10-15 knots and some good friends on board.  We hit the channel shortly after 11 and started our cruise to Angel Island.  A bocce challenge would take us to Ayala Cove and the beautiful picnic grounds.  We hit the course and a highly contested game commenced.  On the run home, we hoisted the kite and were off on a 6 knot run to the barn.  What a memorable day.  The boat is in great shape for the big winds of summer!   Thanks to Mike, Ryan, Hannah, John and Summer.

Our two main repairs are complete and the Addiction is in race ready condition.  We had a wire banging inside the mast that was like having a guy with a hammer banging on the mast during a  sail.   Not a very peaceful setting when you are trying to be one with the boat.  Then the traveler car was not in the best of shape.  With a 30 year old boat, sometimes you run into parts that have not been removed in all that time.  In this case, it was the end of the traveler track.  It seemed the screws were cemented to the end piece and would not budge.  We drilled the screws out and removed the car from the track.  From there, Murray took the car home and rebuilt it.  Now its strong again and ready to do it's job.  Halaluya brother.  I am a happy sailor now that the repairs are complete.

This our 30 year old spinnaker still pushing us along at fast speeds.  Mostly used to get us home quick at the end of the day.  And what a great way to end the day.

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