Sunday, July 19, 2015

Rowing to Hawaii

 From the blog of 4 women who are rowing to Australia from SF.  They are about to arrive for a stop in Hawaii. 

For the 60 good days there has to be at least a couple not so good. The last few hours have been among my most frustrating so far and I made a deal with myself to share the real journey, with its ups and its downs, so I will write about this dip instead.

We are now 287 nm from Honolulu and mentally and physically, I think we’re all very ready to make landfall.

The last 24 hours have been challenging. We’ve had big swell and high winds in the right direction but a counter current that has halted our progress dramatically and meant we have been travelling at a very dishearteningly low speed.

This close to Hawaii, with the end now in sight, everything seems a little more urgent.
We’re ready to arrive.

All the clothes we own are filthy and always damp, we’re tired and to be honest, a little sea weary. Everything smells of fish, feet and sweat! Our electrical devices are dying and we’ve run out of snack packs. We’re all feeling a little bruised and battered.
It’s time…

The sea state was uncomfortable to row in during the day and even more so at night. I lost count of the number of times I bashed my own knees, shins, thighs, groin and stomach with the oars as they got submerged by a wave and then released with force.

With no moon for most of the night shifts, we were engulfed in an impenetrable black darkness that disguised the arrival of waves. We rowed with an expectant alertness and quiet resignation of the incessant pitch and roll of the boat.
It’s exhausting and not very pleasant but we all took it in our stride.

Inside the airless cabin the situation was also trying. We lay in a pool of sweat and rocked back and forth knocking against one another, every time Doris moved.

This was also, without a doubt my worst 24 hour’s day’s sleep so far. with an average of about 3 hours.

On my awake after my second night shift I was preparing for the 2 hour row and putting sudocrem on my behind when a huge wave lurched me forward head first into the switch panel. As both my hands were being used at the time to apply said cream, I had nothing to break my fall except for my…head. It was quite a thump and I swear I actually saw tweetie birds/stars like the cartoons.

Must have been quite amusing to witness but let me tell you – it was really quite horrendous at the time!

We all know how quickly things change – so here’s hoping that by the time you are all reading this blog the current is finally with us.

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