Monday, July 20, 2020

Back in the Partnership Game!

Signed up a 4th partner to the good ship Aquarius this weekend.  Everyone has a 1/4 equity share buy in at $20k and then $150 a month for slip fees, insurance, property taxes, etc.  When you leave the partnership, you sell your share to the next partner.  I was in another partnership for 17 years on the Newport 30 Addiction.  Instead of paying almost $10k a year, we each pay $2500.  Much better!  And we still get to sail as much as we want.  At $150 a month, that's $5 per day to own a 40 footer in great shape that sails as fast as she is sexy!  If you want to sail on a budget, partnerships are the way to go.

Aquarius outside La Paz during our 7 month voyage to Mexico and back to SF in 18/19.  She was flawless and the motor was the hero.  She is a 2001 40' Jeanneau built in La Harve, FR.  The key element I wanted was 3 cabins for the crew.  We got that and so much more

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