Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Three Things That Make Our Boat Great

We are headed into our 10th year of owning our Newport 30 Addiction. It has been a great 10 years indeed. I estimate that I have sailed over 10,000 miles on our boat in that time. I sail 20 or more miles each time I go out (once a week) x 50 = 1000 x 10 years. As you can tell, I love sailing and all that comes with it. This quote says it all for me:
"Something about sailing a boat brings so many senses and sensations into play that it's very difficult to pinpoint what it is specifically that makes me like it so much: the sight of sails and sheets overhanging the water; the foam and spray flying as the bow cuts the water; the motion of the boat; the physical and mental ballet necessary to handle the boat correctly. A sailboat might just be the most beautiful, sensuous and intelligent blend of man/machine/and elements that exists in the world today. The relationship between the three is the most harmonious I have experienced so far. Besides you can have a beer while you do it". --anonymous
When we bought our boat in 2000, we were looking for a few things: turnkey and ready for sailing, standing headroom (I am 6'6"), 30 feet minimum, diesel engine, legal head, spinnaker, wheel steering, 2000lbs + ballast, and sleeps 4 comfortably for week long trips to the delta. We found all those elements and more in our Gary Mull designed vessel. After sailing her for the last 10 years, there are three things that have made this boat outstanding that I had not considered. Self tailing winches are such a convenient piece of equipment. It just makes sailing that much better. Number 2 is our dodger. The bay is cold and nasty in the summer with lots of blue water coming over the bow and the 35 knots of wind is downright frigid! The dodger keeps the ladies warm, dry and happy which is key. Lastly, the item that has changed our sailing lives the most is our beautiful roller furling jib! We added it about 4 years ago after dealing with a hank on. The conditions on the bay are so variable that this has been one of the best decisions we ever made. Looking at the boats in our marina, I would say 80-90% have this item. Many times, it is so windy out there we just roll out a bit of jib and she handles like a dream. Also nice for the many times I am single handing. So if you are looking to buy a boat in 2010, some of these criteria may help you in your selection process. Or, if you are looking to upgrade your own boat, these items might be worth considering. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you get out on your boat and enjoy your time there. As I like to say, "Sailing is the celebration of life!".


Capt. Puffy Pants said...

H2uhO, That was a great quote! We have our eyes on another Gary Mull design, either the Ranger 28 or the 30 depending on whats available when we're ready. Unless of course we have switched to a different design entirely.

Craig Russell said...

Glad you like it! One other Mull designed boat to consider for a long cruise is the Ranger 33. A great boat that will keep you safe. Good luck in your hunt.