Friday, December 04, 2009

The Yellow Light Is On

Big waves are on their way to the Bay Area, raising the possibility that the Mavericks Surf Contest could be held next week - possibly Tuesday morning.

Organizers, who have had to scrap the contest two out of the past three years because of stubbornly calm seas, are looking for a rare mix of giant swells and clear weather at the Mavericks surfing spot north of Half Moon Bay.

If conditions now predicted for Tuesday hold up, the 24 surfers in the contest field will be asked to vote Sunday morning via e-mail on whether to make "the call" and hit the water in 48 hours.

Contest co-director Katherine Clark said conditions could change. A series of storms is predicted to roll over California next week, and the waves hitting the Bay Area may turn out to be too rough even for champion surfers.

Organizers determined to hold the event this season opened the contest window early. It now runs from November through March.

The 24 invited surfers are voting for the first time this year on when to hold the contest. They were asked to weigh in on a date last month but rejected it.

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