Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Jailbreak Your iPhone

I had been tinkering with idea of a jailbroken iPhone for a while and decided to do some research on Youtube. I found out it is not illegal, it's easy in version 3.1.2.,you have a ton a cool apps, themes, and cool things that you can do that Apple does not allow. And you can always restore back to your last back up at any time and go back to your old phone. My two big reasons for jailbreaking where being able to listen to music apps and send an email or text without having to shut down the app, send a text then relaunch the app and start over. A little app called Backgrounder allows you to multitask without having to stop whatever you are doing at that moment. The other thing I wanted to be able to do was tether my phone to my computer so I could use the internet on my computer when I am on the water. The app is called Mywi and it allows you use your phones 3g network on your computer. Think of your phone as a wireless modem. There are so many other cool mods and tricks to make your phone 100% better than it is right now. Go to Youtube and explore. Start with a search, "Why jailbreak". It might be time for you to break free of the shackles!

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