Thursday, February 04, 2010

Watch the America's Cup Online

Click the pic for a fantastic view.

Anybody getting excited about the Cup?? If the cup is taken by BOR90, the next cup would be in SF!!!! Racing is scheduled to start at 10:00am in Spain Monday Feb 8th. That works out to 4am Eastern Standard. 1AM on Monday morning for the West Coast.

The second race will be Wed Feb. 10 at the same time. The third, if required will be on Friday, Feb. 12.

It's a best of three - first team to win 2 takes the cup (until we drown in more court cases later).
The official event website setup by the city of Valencia Spain. It will have links to live coverage though I suspect that they may not anticipate the internet bandwidth they are about to be hit with...but it may be a good spot to find text news and possibly up to the minute video:
As a subset of that Valencia website, they claim they will be feeding live video at PLEASE NOTE that you will probably have to register to see the feed. That could mean that once they start red lining their bandwidth, they'll shut down registration. I was able to register a couple of days ago but I don't see the link to register anywhere on there now. Check early, check often. This could be one of the best sources.
I just discovered that Jobson and Randy Smyth will be covering the event for ESPN360 (thanks Karl!) so this will probably be worth checking out. I would imagine that ESPN360 would be better prepared for a lot network demand. PLEASE NOTE: you will also need to register and setup an account with ESPN360. It is FREE but takes some it early. Their player is intensive on bandwidth and CPU so if you have an older PC and/or limited internet bandwidth, you may have some difficulty with it. The player requires a few plugins and you will probably have browser compatibility problems if you are not running a 'mainstream' browser. Be sure your security is set to something less than "nuclear power station" and use (gasp) Internet Explorer 8 for the best chance of running it. Watch your upper notification bar at the top of the IE8 window - it will need to install several software plug ins to work and the notifications will pop up there in a faint yellow bar asking permission. It works pretty well for me (I've got a new computer running Windows 7 64bit and a speedy internet connection).
SailingAnarchy just got sponsored by Layline for the coverage and is working with one of the Italian teams from the last America's Cup to get their reporters out on the water. They also have some deal setup with an internet company that provides internet access for boaters (cruisers). Supposedly they are expecting to be able to upload a lot of stuff quickly. Sometimes hard to watch, sometimes juvenile, but sometimes ground breaking and without fear...the SA coverage will be interesting. I don't believe you will have to pre-register or anything for this one. THIS JUST IN. Our very own JC (FON) will be helping SA with their coverage... definitely worth watching now!
You're going to have to polish up your Francais on this one - but if you can manage to navigate your way through, this Swiss TV station is supposed to have some live coverage of the event.

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