Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Light the Candles = Six Years For H2uh0

And what a ride it's been. 2005 was the year and there were only a few sailing voices in the the blogosphere. Tillerman, Horse's Mouth and Tim Zimmerman were my hero's and inspired me to start this blog. Now there are so many voices it's hard to hear anymore! At this point I am transitioning to another point in my life. I am sailing like a crazy person on the bay and in Mexico (I depart this weekend to hang with my buds in Puerto Vallarta and sail Banderas Bay) as well as working towards my goal of sailing to New Zealand in 7 years. In pursuit of that goal I will sail in the Baja Haha several more times. This summer, I plan to sail up to Tomales Bay for a week. And there will be a lot more chartering in Mexico and the BVI's. The next big jump will be finding the boat to get me across the Pacific. That will be an adventure! But not for several more years. In the meantime, I will keep sailing our Newport 30 on the bay and beyond. I will continue to post on this blog as well as start a new blog that will be a resource for the trip across the pond. Thanks everyone for visiting over the years and for your comments. Sailing is the celebration of life!


Peter F. Black said...

Happy Birthday H2uh0!

Have fun in Puerto Vallarta and Banderas Bay!

my2fish said...

happy blog birthday! 6 years is a long time in blogging time. thanks for keeping at it!

cheers, my2fish

Odder said...

Happy Birthday!!
I have enjoyed the postings here and on NeverSeaLand.

If you are looking for a boat, maybe you could pick one up after the America's Cup! Not too comfortable, but you could be in Hawaii in less than a week...