Thursday, April 21, 2011

Not So Fun

Went out for a solo sunset sail the other day and man was it cold and miserable. The wind was up and a cold fog was rolling in from the Pacific. I tacked towards the Berkeley Pier and got behind the dodger after letting out just a little bit of jib. The wind was in the high 20's and biting at every piece of exposed skin. I tack and look back at the channel makers and I have not gained much headway. The wind won't let me move forward. Most of the boats are already in for the day and I am the only boat I can see at the moment. Who else would be crazy enough to be out in this? I hit the next tack and head back towards the pier. I have a pretty high tolerence for cold winds on the bay but this is bad. I am not having much fun. I could put on the warm gloves and hat I carry on board. I could huddle under the dodger to attempt to hold off the cold. I have been out about an hour and start thinking about heading in. This is the first time I have ever thought about coming home early as I am a diehard sailor. I still had another hour to sail but the cold has changed my mind and I head for the warmth of the harbor. Once back at the dock, I pour myself a large draw of Don Julio in our grande snifter and sit back in the saloon and enjoy our new interior speakers and a little Jack Johnson. It's days like this that make you appreciate being tied to the dock...and safe and warm.

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