Friday, April 27, 2012

April Has Been Busy

Not much sailing this month.  Most likely a record for me.  I made it out once this month on our boat and once on a friends boat.  Our boat has been under going some engine repair and I have been away a couple weekends as well.  We replaced an oil line and have been trying to locate a water leak on the engine.  We finally found it as it is in a tuff location and behind the starter.  Turns out a freeze plug is leaking and we have ordered a replacement.  Working this weekend so more than likely no sailing.  May should be a whole new ballgame although I am out of town the first weekend.  Off to a boys weekend in Hawaii!  The big island.  The good news - I have a sunset sail planned for my friends off the Kohala Coast.  My friends rents a villa on the water and invites 5 buddies to join him in the search for the perfect Mai Tai...and fun!  Most of our boys weekends have been to Cabo or Puerto Vallarta.  This time, I talked Frank into Hawaii.  Cannot wait to get out in some warmer water in the Pacific and maybe catch some waves.  Aloha!

Here are some pics I gathered that I hope you enjoy:

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