Monday, April 02, 2012

April Sail on the SF Bay

Headed up to the boat with Kona on Saturday afternoon.  Thought about going out but the wind was 30 with gusts to 40.  Decided to work on the diesel and tackle a water leak on the engine.  Had a nice night hanging out and getting some sleep.  Up at 07:30 and preparing for crew arrival.  Arnie, Ryan and Caroline were joining me today. Ryan is famous for his home brew and he did not disappoint.  Today he brought a keg of IPA.  Thought about reefing but the wind is much lighter today.  We headed out under jib alone and did a few tacks towards Treasure Island.  Made it past the pier and towards the Gate.  Now under full sail, we made it under the Gate with 15 knots of wind and big swells from the ocean coming in.  Up ahead, one of the Clipper boats is heading in from China.  It's Visit Finland on their way in from China (6000 miles and 28 days across the North Pacific).  They saw 50 knot winds and 60 foot seas along the way.  We gave them a good blast of the horn to welcome them as they sail around the world.  This is unusual race in that it's normal people and one pro skipper manning the yachts.  You sign up for different legs or if you have a year or so, sail the entire 40,000 mile course all the way round.  The link above will give you more info.   We hit some pretty big waves ourselves and the crew loved it.  Had plenty of wind to get us home and what a nice day of sailing it was.  I keep saying it doesn't get much better than this but it always seems to get better!

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