Friday, May 24, 2013

Coast Guard Boardings

Have you ever been boarded by the Coasties?  The one time they boarded my boat, I was single handing on the bay.  They did a safety inspection and noticed I did not have a safety throw cushion on board.  Who is going to throw it to me, I asked?  Point taken.  I got a throw cushion.  Here is a great two part article about your rights as a boater when the arrive along side you boat.  Basically, you have no rights.  They can look and do anything they want.  Read it here.

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Rich said...

We are a couple miles from the Mexican border in San Diego. Have been boarded twice. Both late at night. Also, we routinely report to Homeland Security when returning from Mexican waters.
They catch a lot of bad guys and go to extraordinary lengths to protect and aid when needed.
I just give the information they want and thank them for thier service.
BTW: I gave up on my rights years ago. No privacy, government gone awry and investments down the toilet. But, I am happy to have a boat!