Friday, May 10, 2013

Nautical Terms Used in Every Day Speech

Some of these you might not know but others stand out as you may use them yourself.  Take a look.

A shot across the bows

All at sea

Anchors aweigh

Batten down the hatches

Between the Devil and the deep blue sea

Broad in the beam

By and large


Close quarters


Cut and run

Cut of your jib

Edging forward

Fathom out

Full to the gunwales

Get underway

Give a wide berth

Go by the board

Hand over fist

Hard and fast

High and dry

In the offing

Know the ropes

Loose cannon

Mal de mer

On your beam ends

Panic stations

Plain sailing

Push the boat out

Shipshape and Bristol fashion

Shake a leg

Shiver my timbers

Slush fund

Taken aback

Tell it to the marines

The bitter end

The cut of your jib

Three sheets to the wind

Tide over

Walk the plank

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ereiss said...

Son of a gun
The cat is out of the bag