Monday, September 16, 2013

A Day at the Races!

Off to the boat about 0630 to meet the crew and head to the races.  My best bud Dave showed up at 9 and off we went to SF to pick up our all star crew.  We made it there by 1130 and everyone showed up in a timely manner.  Dave, Dan and Arnie rounded out the guest list.  All these guys I have known for 30 years or more!  We headed off towards Angel to get set up for the race.  The winds were in the low 20's and a small amount of jib worked perfect.  We laughed, and told stories of the last year or so.  We were near the starting line as the gun sounded.  Great to see these boats so close.  Everyone was on their feet for the start and as they shot down the course away from us.  They passed by on the next leg with Oracle out to a commanding lead and the victory!  Watching it on TV, the start by Oracle was masterful and proved to be the difference.  We head down to the leeward mark for the second race.  I was at the wheel and it was busy with boats.  The crew said I did a masterful job of not hitting any other boats.  It was nuts.  We made it and as the last leg was coming up, I placed the boat right next to the last gate as the boats roared by.  The crew loved it.  We had a lovely day on the water with some old friends and made the most of it.  Kona had some fun too!

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