Monday, September 30, 2013

Dock Talk - A Cup

The word from the docks of SF is that the Oracle Team used an automatic stabilizer on their foil that pushed the limits of the rules.  This may have proved to be the difference in the outcome.  NZ knew that if the wind was up on the last day, they had no chance of taking the race without Oracle making a huge mistake.  NZ did not have the technology to stabilize in auto and had to do it manually which led to their tearful post sail back to the base.  That was a very sad moment for some awesome Kiwi sailors.  For a nation that lives and breaths sailing, (at 6 years of age, most children in NZ get a boat instead of a bike) this was a heart breaking moment.  I sure did enjoy the race for the Cup.  I was lucky enough to head out for 6 of the races with friends and family.  There is already talk of the next Cup and SF has 30 days to throw their hat in the ring (they surely will!).  I am not sure we will ever see a finals like we saw for the 34th Cup, but I have high hopes for the 35th!

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