Saturday, March 08, 2014

Bonehead Move of the Week.

 A 45-year-old San Diego woman launched the raft from Monterey Harbor Tuesday afternoon with the intent of catching a tranquil sunset.
Things went wrong, however, when strong winds picked up and blew the small boat into the open ocean, where the engine fell off and punctured the boat, according to CBS.
The woman reportedly fired flares into the air, but heavy fog likely masked them from any would-be rescuers, leaving the woman to cling to the partially submerged raft for 15 hours.
She was spotted by a fishing boat Wednesday morning and eventually rescued by the U.S. Coast Guard about two miles off Lover’s Point Park.
“She maintained the will to survive,” said Capt. Barry Perkins of the Monterey Fire Department. “The fact that she had a life jacket on ensured her survival.”
The woman was taken to a local hospital with hypothermia, but is expected to be released within 48 hours, CBS reported.

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