Friday, March 14, 2014

Look, Up in the Sky!

Drones and GoPro are the latest craze on water and land.  They are changing our world faster than we know.  I recently read a story about a sub $500 pocket drone that should be hitting the market soon.  Some folks love these things (owners) and others hate them (invasion of privacy).  I think they are pretty cool.  But say you are in an anchorage in the tropics and there are a few boats there.  Someone puts up his drone to come over and check you out.  Not cool.

 Here is a new toy to take with you on your cruise.

Stopped by the Lat38 crew party last night and met some nice folks.  One character I met had sailed the world twice and had his boat there.  He told me stories of his travels and that he advocated carrying a shotgun on his boats.  He had used it several times when intruders came on board.  The results were not pretty.  Anyway, had a great time and ran into some old and new friends.

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