Wednesday, June 11, 2014

New Boat Project: Going Electric!

Our Newport 30 partnership is heading into a big boat project: converting our boat to electric propolsion.  We are going to remove our old diesel and put in 4 large batteries that will move our boat with an electric motor.  Our motor range will be somewhere between 15-20 nautical miles which will cover  95% of our sailing needs.  This is exciting folks!  I will be documenting our engine removal as well as the install of our new system.  Check the website if you are interested in converting.  Click here.


No trips to the gas dock
No oil and grease in the bilge

No smell
Environmentally friendly


No burning of fossil fuels
Eliminates fuel on board
Generates power while under sail

Add a wind generator or solar panels and become energy self-sufficient


Have a relaxed cruise around the marina or lake
Hear the water lapping the hull and the rolling swish of the wake
No need to raise your voice so your crew (and everyone else in the harbor) can hear you


       Powerful electric motors drive their power right to the prop at all speeds
       Electric Yacht's QuietTorque
systems range from from 5kw to 40kw
       Elco Motor Boat systems range from 2.5kw to 39kw

       Instant On - No warm-up time
       No shifting or grinding of gears while trying to wiggle out of a 
       tight docking situation
ull motor torque is available from zero RPM to full speed
       "Electric sail" with a small power boost when the wind is light

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