Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Green Room

A while back I was in charge of a large group that wanted to spend a week on Lake Powell houseboating and then a week rafting down the mighty Colorado River thru the Grand Canyon.  We had a beautiful week on the lake with catered meals, entertainment and water sports.  Then a smaller group took off for the Colorado River.  We had two large rafts with about 15 folks on each boat.  I had been down the river once before with my Dad.  It is one of America's greatest adventures with scenery to match.  I had told the river guides that we should plan a nice hike at Havasu Creek.  The water has a high concentration of calcium and with the very clear water, it creates a rare turquoise color in the water.  The river guides were game and said they had something special in mind for those that want to join.  A few of the guests joined and we hiked up to a swimming hole/waterfall called Beaver Falls.  There was some river crossing and bouldering involved, but we all made it.  The guides invited me to join them for the surprise, so we jumped in and swam towards the 40 foot cascading waterfall.   We clung to the rocks at the base of the falls and I was asked to go first.  They instructed me to go down 10 feet, go back 10 feet and then look for an opening.  Being a competitive swimmer most of my life, this was a piece of cake.  I dove down with my goggles on and could see perfectly.  There was the hole I was looking for.  I popped up and was stunned.  The small cave was above the waterline and could fit 4-5 swimmers and was a perfect rectangle behind the waterfall.  The most amazing part: the green color from the reflected sunlight.  Wow!  The other two guides popped in and we shared the glory of the moment.  I felt very privledged to experience this.  The local indian tribe had used this cave as a passage into manhood along with a handful of peyote.  It was a very cool experience and one you should try if you are fortunate enough to get on the river.

I sure am enjoying the drone work being done in the sailing world.  The perspective from above is spectacular.  Check this one out from a part of the world I have just returned from:  St. Barts!

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