Sunday, September 28, 2014

Abandon Ship!

My boat partner and long time friend, Arnie was in the process of bringing a boat back from Hawaii to SF.  They struggled a bit and it was taking a bit longer than expected.  On Friday morning a UFO hit the amas of their tri as well as the cabin of the boat.  Since it was dark, they have no idea what the object was.  They determined that they could no longer sail the boat with out flooding it, so they set off their emergency beacon.  They were abut 700 miles off the coast and less than 7 miles away was a freighter heading from China to Panama.  The ship picked up the 3 crew from the water and everybody is safe and headed for Panama.  They will be at sea a another 12 days or so, but they are safe and resting well.  Bon voyage indeed!

Here is a pic of the boat that rescued them.

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