Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Sailing Songs - The List

You can check out my favorite sailing songs on the starboard side of this blog.  If you would like a more substantial list, click here.

Went out on Monday for a windy day on the bay.  Picked up Tex at Pier 1.5 and we headed out towards Angel Island.  Craig's Cove was windy so we headed to Hospital Cove around the corner. Had a swim to the beach with Kona and it felt great.  Lunch and then a trip up lovely Raccoon Strait.  Really blowing as we hit the top end so we cracked off for Treasure Island.  We hit Clipper Cove and were soon on the beach for a best of three bocce match.  Kona had a blast with two other golden's on the beach.  Tex and I battled but I got hot the last two games and took the title.  Fast run home and exhausted!

Later this week we have the Baja Haha Crewlist party.  I hope to join a boat and head to Cabo on my 4th Haha!  For those that don't know, the Haha is a cruising rally from San Diego to Cabo (750 miles) at the end of October.  150 boats and 500 folks heading south.  We make two stops for fun and beach parties and then some more in Cabo.  Very fun and so many cool folks.  Past highlights include:  1000 dolphins around our boat in a feeding frenzy, dolphins in the bow at night lit up with bioluminescence, me night swimming in Santa Maria Bay lit up with the biolums, two green flashes, and wonderful people.  Think burning man on the water!

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What? No Kenny Chesney.