Monday, May 18, 2015

Introducing Lilly - The Camera that Follows You

I just signed up to be a Lily beta tester when they come out in Feb!

Had a nice 26 hour overnighter with Dan, Kona and Tex.  We took off on Saturday morning around 11am for Angel Island.  The wind was from the south and about 12 when we headed out the channel.  This wind direction allows us to head towards the Gate and not have to tack all the way there.  We got out towards Alcatraz and the wind begins to build and shift to a more westerly direction.  We head towards Sam's around 2:30 but there are no parking spots available so we head back towards the city for a fine run.  Then to Angel for the night.  We snag the moorings at Ayala Cove and settle in for dinner.  The BBQ comes out as does the Coleman for a fine meal for Thai chicken and some brussel sprouts.  Kona needs a run on the beach so we get him over as I paddle and he swims.  We have a nice night and some good times.  Morning comes early and Kona is ready for the beach again.  After breakfast we head to the picnic grounds for a couple games of Bocbee.  We play a round of bocce and Frisbee golf.  Couple of great shots and fun games.  We head back to the boat and for the run home.  Winds are light so we rig the spinnaker.  She goes up easy and soon we are flying towards Emeryville.  As we come out of the lee of Angel the wind starts to build and we are over powered.  I send Tex up to douse the spinnaker.  A few feet down she jams badly.  We are headed into a race and the sock we are using to douse the kite is jammed.  We release the halyard and bring her down.  We throw up the jib again and we are cooking towards the channel.  At the dock it takes an hour to fix our jammed pulley and get the deck cleared.  We clean up and head home after a great night on our favorite Angel Island.  And I am exhausted!

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