Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Human - Dolphin Connection

I have always felt a direct connection with dolphins and less so with apes (my apologies to Mr. Darwin).  Once I saw a skeleton of a dolphin.  The "hands" of a dolphin were strikingly similar to our hands as well as the feet.   When thinking about dolphins, they are very social creatures with large brains.  They can communicate and they love to fool around and play jokes on each other.  Like humans, they have sex for fun, apes don't. When humans and dolphins have sex, they are face to face, but not apes. Homosexuality is common in dolphins and humans, but not in apes.   In the hair department, we are much closer to dolphins than apes (except for my friend Andy). 

Dolphin brains are very close in size to human brains, however they say that dolphin brains are superior with echolocation and the fact that they sleep by turning off one hemisphere of their brain while the other stays awake as they continue to swim 24/7.

Humans and dolphins have a love of water and apes are scared of water.  Biochemicicaly, dolphins are land mammals living in a marine environment. 

Here is a link to an interesting site that expands on some of the above observations.  Click here.

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