Friday, June 19, 2015

Best of Burning Man

The Bioluminesent Slug - our camp's two story art car 2014 sound machine!
I attended last years edition of Burning Man in Black Rock Desert.  My wife and I joined 30 other burners in a camp called High Maintenance.  Each night, part of the group prepared a gourmet dinner with fine wines.  It was amazing.  The highlight was our art car.  Charlie manned the helm each day and night for our pilgrimage to the Playa.  We picked up random strangers and gave them a ride to where ever we were going.  We met all sorts of people that were ecstatic to be at this extravaganza.  We even picked up a wedding party and took them to a make shift chapel and they got married as we blasted the tunes.  If you are on the fence about going...I say go!  It will be the best thing you ever did!

Scott London has been documenting the festival for the last 10 years.  He has done an outstanding job of picking the right lighting, contrast and background.  Check out his photo library here.

Here are a few samples of his fine work.

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