Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Irony is Ironic

About a week ago I wrote about fixing our old boat.  Then a few days later, we had our furler come down due to a failed casting at the top of the mast.  One of my partners hit something and the furler broke off.  More to fix!  It may be a while till we are on the water.  I am off to the Brittney coast of France to explore their maritime heritage and explore the region.  It would be great if a sailing opportunity presents itself.  The Bay of Biscay is a sailors paradise!


Tillerman said...

Brittany is a lovely area. Have a great time.

Bursledon Blogger said...

Biscay is awsome, spectacular, sometimes terrifying, at the southern extreme the Spanish call it Costa del Morte - coast of Death. Never heard it called paradise.

Place you have to visit - enjoy.