Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Baja Haha Bound

Heading to San Diego to hopefully join a boat bound for Cabo San Lucas this weekend.  This will be my 5th 750 mile trip down the Baja Peninsula.  This will be my 4th time trying to find a ride on the weekend of departure.  Crossing my fingers.  The voyage consists of three legs, San Diego to Turtle Bay (300 miles approx.), Turtle Bay to Santa Maria (300 miles again) and Santa Maria to Cabo (about 150 miles).  At our stops we have some great parties and fun.  This year, there are about 130 boats and 450 fun loving folk.  Last year we hit the topside of a hurricane and had some of the best and fastest sailing ever! I am looking forward to the adventure.  I will post a blow by blow of the trip upon my return on November 7.  Wish me a bon voyage!

This vid is from a fellow Haha'er coming into Cabo.

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