Monday, October 26, 2015

Haha Bound

I arrived in San Diego on Friday to begin my Baja Haha Adventure.  Checked in and immediately hit the docks to start knocking on hulls.  This will be my 5th trip down the coast to Cabo with the Haha fleet.  I head down to the marina and there are at least 1000 boats in front of me.  Each Haha boat displays a red burgee so the boats should be easy to find.  The first thing I notice is there are not many Haha boats here.  In years past, this is where there were 30-40 boats.  I asked around and it seems there is a bit of a boating boom going on and there is very little slip availability this year.  I hit all the boats I could find (about 20 boats), and no one needs crew.  On Saturday, I move around abit and find 20 more boats.  Again, no luck.  I hang with my buddy Chris that night, who is also down looking for a ride.  Sunday I am up early and at the skippers meeting to greet all the skippers on the rally.  Each one of the 130 skippers goes by me and my sign and again no bites.  Now I am getting worried.  After the meeting, a gentleman approaches asking about my availability.   He has a young wife and child and needs help.  I am his man!  We agree to meet on Monday morning and I have found a ride.  So happy.  My friend Chris does not get so lucky.  We depart Monday at 11am.  I will update the blog when I arrive in Cabo on about the 6th of November.  Haha here we come!
The cruise consists of three legs.  San Diego to Turtle Bay (about 300 miles) Turtle Bay to Santa Maria (another 300 miles) and finally Turtle Bay to Cabo (about 150 miles).  After each leg, there are beach parties and more.  The boat I am on this year is a 42' catamaran named Avalonte.  Bon voyage, indeed!!!

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