Monday, July 18, 2016

Angel Sail

 Mike, Kona and I sailed out about 11am on Sunday.  Mike mentioned some live music was on tap in the afternoon at Angel Island.  Let's go.  The wind helped us sail a reach to the island and with main and a reduced jib we were fighting in 20-22 knots.  The wind lined us up on the north side of Raccoon Straits.  We did a couple tacks and we headed in to Ayala Cove.  We had a nice lunch in the cockpit and then headed in for some bocce and music.  We played a very competitive game thru the picnic area and Mike won 7-6.  We walked over to check out the trio and found out there is music there every Sunday from 2-4:45.  We heard some old Beatles tunes as well as a few other oldies.  Back to boat and I opt to take the easy way home and we retrace our steps from Emeryville.  The wind is in the mid to high 20's and we are racing to the barn.  Great way to spend a Sunday!

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Eric said...

mike mack is now the captain of the vessel