Thursday, July 21, 2016

Furler Foul

Kona and I were out the other day and we were flying under full jib.  20 knots plus and the wind keeps building.  Time to furl to less than 100%.  I pull the furling line but it won't budge.  The furler is a year old so it should work fine.  Must be tangled inside the drum.  If I try to sail back into the slip I will be going way to fast as we have a downwind slip.  I could head into the harbor, anchor and try to get the sail down.  That's going to be tuff as the sail would be all over me as I anchor.  Before I try that, I go on a reach and the boat is sailing herself just fine.  I shimmy up to the bow and we are heeled pretty good so it's a bit dangerous to be on the pointy end.  I get on my butt and get to the drum.  I do my best to loosen the line inside.  I head back to the cockpit and she furls without issue.  Dodged a big bullet and continued a fine sail and swim in Clipper Cove.  Got lucky and had a great day!

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