Friday, November 18, 2016

Sailing Today

Winter is cooling things down here in the bay area.  60's during the day and some 40's at night.  Our rainy season has begun and the weekend looks very wet.  I am heading up to the boat toady for a sail before the storm.  We have a new jib to replace our well used 10 year old jib.  I will attempt to get it on the furler by myself. 

On Sunday, we head to Puerto Vallarta with our good freinds Frank and Leslie.  My boat from the Haha will be a few miles from our resort and I hope to hook up.  I also have an offer from JWorld to rent a boat, so sailing on Banderas Bay looks good.  I also hope to get over to Yelapa and Punt Mita.  It's going to be another great time in MX!

One of the cool bits of electronics on my Haha boat was a touch screen chartplotter from Garmin.  Instead of entering coordinates you just touch the screen for your next waypoint.  I had been doing that on my ipad but never on a fixed screen cp.  How cool.  Way easier than the old units.

Hope you guys have a great Thanksgiving!  I will be having my T-Day on the beach with family and friends.  Adios.

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