Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Turn Your TV into a Beautiful Slide Show

Wouldn't it be fun to turn that monster flat screen into an amazing background of images from around the world?   I have an old Mac Mini hooked into our stereo/TV set up (the Mac is HDMI compatible).   I go to and down on the right is a link that matches the music with the pics.  Hit the green button on the top of your browser to go to full screen.  Voila!  I am currently in a sunset mode on my screen.  The music is very good and eclectic.  They cross all musical genres to set a mood.  So turn it up!  In my case, I usually put my own music to the pics.
I also just hooked up three Google Chromecast Audio units.  There is a similar model for streaming movies that uses HDMI, don't get that one if you are only looking for music.  I hooked my 6 house speakers together in a group and now I am listening to music throughout the house.  Very cool to control everything thru your phone or computer.  Hook up with Spotify/Pandora or many others and cast your ass off.  Costs about $35 per unit.  For a little over $100, you can play music simultaneously in three other areas of your house, as long as you have speakers in those three rooms.  Hook in with a 3.5mm plug and power is needed.  I am loving it.  Here is a holiday gift receiving tip: Ask three friends/family members to get you one and on the big day, you will be the happiest camper on the hill.  These things are great!

 I used to use Airport Expresses for the same purpose but it seems Apple has moved away from supporting these expensive little units and mine no longer work.

Lastly, since I have a computer hooked up to the TV, I use it to stream movies from all the usual online sources.  Works great with an app you can download to your phone called Mobile Mouse Pro.  The app allows you to control your computer thru your phone as it becomes your trackpad, keyboard and clicker.  Have fun!

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