Tuesday, July 25, 2017

It Just Keeps Getting Better!

After working all weekend, it was time to head out for a sail to recharge.  Kona and I took off about 9am.  Winds were up and down to start the day.  We had a fine sail once they kicked in about 10am.  I had been wanting to sail Raccoon Straits for a while and the winds cooperated.  We made it to Sam's in Tiburon and prepared to dock.  I secured the bow line and since it was calm, I decided to grab the fender off the dodger.  It got tangled in another line and did not come off easily.  At that moment, the boat starts drifting and I am about to go in the drink.  I jumped and my knee landed on the deck while I grabbed a stantion.  I was able to get onboard as two helpful busboys from the restaurant ran down to catch the lines.  As I was jumping on to the boat, my first thought was, is my phone in my pocket?  It was, but it did not get wet.  Got lucky.  Went down below to reflect on my entrance and recover from my bonehead move.

As I was relaxing, another boat came in and tied up.  It looked similar to a Jeanneau I had been looking at online.  I called over to the skipper and he said it was the boat, would I like to take a look?  Kona and I headed over.  She is a 2003, 43', with 3 cabins.  They are asking $120k.  She was looking good.  This is one of the few 3 cabin boats on the bay and one that I would consider.

Then Kona and I headed to our favorite cove on Angel Island.  On the way over under jib, somehow the shackle on the main halyard disconnected and was flying in the 20-knot winds.  Once anchored, I was able to bring her in.  We had a nice time swaying in the breeze.  Soon it was time to head to the barn and call it a day.

Jeanneau 43

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