Thursday, September 07, 2017

Don't Go To Burning Man!

I thought that might get your attention.  No,no no.  Everyone should go to burning man at least once.  This was my third trip to the playa.  I headed up with my buddy Chris in an RV.  Had an easy trip up and entered the gates about 6:30am on Monday.  We were at our camp in no time.  There are about 30 folks in a well prepared camp with shade, screens and some couches.  Our art car is behind schedule so we pitch in to get her ready.  Each afternoon, Chris and I would head out to some bars for drinks and entertainment.  There was a great Phish tribute band at one of the camps.  We danced and had fun all afternoon.  One of the gals we met was spraying breast milk on her friend, that was interesting.  In the evening, we would head out on the slug and visit some of the art installations and hit some of the DJ sets.  The Tree was amazing as was the interactive wheel with the lights.  There were tons of exhibits to see and hang out at.  It was a hot burn this year but the nights were perfect.  We had one major wind storm on Tuesday that almost blew our camp away.  My friend Chris met a gal and they decided to meet up on the playa at 10 that night.  Meet me at the heart on the playa she said.  Chris was ready.  Turns out there are 6 hearts on the playa and he missed his connection.  On Saturday, we headed out on the art car for the burn.  We had front row seats and it was truly spectacular.  One guy broke through two security teams and ran into this huge wall of fire.  He did not make it out.  Sunday, we broke down the camp and headed home.  Another great week at Black Rock!  Chris and I are both in our mid to late 50's.  If you think you are too old for BM, you are not.  We met folks in their late 60's and they were having the time of their life.  Yes it is mostly young folks but everyone can be part of the fun.  The next burn is in 360 days!  For more pics, go here. 
More pics here.

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