Saturday, May 10, 2008

Dead Show & KABOOM!

30 years ago, I was traveling across the country headed for college at UNLV from the east coast. I was driving with my roommate Bob, who suggested we stop by to see the Grateful Dead show at Red Rocks outside Denver. So we headed in to see a band that I had heard about but I did not know their music. We had a great time. The folks at the show were very friendly and giving. The music was awesome as well. So that started my ongoing relationship with the Dead. Since they are from the Bay Area, there were lots of opportunities to see them at the Greek, Stanford, Shoreline and Kaiser. Yes, I am a Deadhead! So when Rachel (Bob's wife) called and asked if I could meet them in Denver and surprise Bob at the Phil Lesh Shows, I jumped at the chance. I flew to Denver and gave Bob a great thrill as we don't see each other that much as he lives in Montana. Little did I realize that Phil has put together a great band featuring vocalist/guitarist Jackie Green. The band plays mostly old Dead songs and all my favs! Went to two shows and we had a blast. They are in SF next week and if you enjoy songs like Sugar Magnolia, Trucking, Casey Jones and Uncle John's Band, then you should go to the shows at the Warfield!!

Tonight, we are back in SF for the KABOOM fireworks show on the bay. We will have 10 folks out on our boat for dinner and fun! Can't wait!

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