Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Mono vs. Cat

I have always been a monohull sailor and the reason for it is you can feel the boat in the water, you have much more awareness of the boat, wind and water on a monohull. However, there are lots of folks who swear by cats and love them for their speed, comfort (especially at anchor where they don't rock like a mono) and the fact that you can put a drink down in 20 knots of wind and it will still be there 10 minutes later. Now that's a cool feature. The other feature that cats have over a monohull is the amount of room and space on a cat. Loads of it. The downside of a cat is that you are paying double and sometimes triple the cost of a similar size mono. I found an old video on Wetass of a very fast cat chasing a very fast monohull. Guess who won the race?

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