Monday, May 19, 2008

Sailing Resources

Our boat, "Addiction". Click the pic for a much larger view.

Sailing is a big part of my life and I love being out on the bay. Yesterday I had one of those magic moments that I love so much. I woke up about 5am and headed up to the boat for a sunrise sail. The wind was blowing over 20 in spots and I had to reef the jib as I sailed for sunny Sausalito. As I got to the far side of Angel the sun broke thru the fog. I had tea and raspberry pancakes going in the cockpit. Everywhere around me was foggy except the sun was shinning bright on Sausalito. The fog was thundering down the hill and it was just me and some distant fishing boats as I hove to for breakfast. So sweet! On the way back I had a perfect angle on the wind as it pulled me towards the San Francisco skyline. I locked the wheel and headed up on deck and had an amazing sail towards the city as she basked in the sunshine. It was a beautiful moment in my sailing life!

There are few sites that I frequent when I am going sailing and when I want to bring myself up to date in the sailing world.

For the local forecast, realtime wind on the bay as well as tide predictions, I go to

If I want an overview of the bay wind conitions (as well as many other places where there are sailors and wind), I go to

The best sailing mag on the west coast is Latitude 38. If you sign up for 'Lectronic Latitude, they will send you a thrice weekly email update on happenings around the bay and around the world. Sign up here.

So those are my top three. Check them out!

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