Thursday, July 08, 2010

Back from Sunapee

What a great trip to the east coast!! We visited my family in New Hampshire and the first two days had perfect weather. Visited the Lake Sunapee Yacht Club (established in 1902) and they lent me a 420 sailing dingy. These high performance racers can fly. Both times I went out, the wind was pretty decent and the gusts were a blast. On the second sail, my 85 year old father joined in the fun. Sailed for a couple hours each time on this beautiful glacial lake that sits at 1000' near the boarder of Vermont. We also saw two fireworks shows from a boat on consecutive nights to celebrate the 4th. My sis was also celebrating a wedding anniversary so the food was outstanding as was the french wine that my brother in law Ray loves so much. We also made time to golf, swim and hot tub. The last two days were a little hot but heck, we could just jump in the 74 degree water and cool right off.

We returned last night and after a few days of work, I will be sailing an a cat out the Gate with a boat that is going on the Baja Ha Ha. Hopefully, I will impress the skipper and he will invite me for the 750 mile trip down the coast in October. I will keep you posted!


Tillerman said...

Is that your 85 year old father on the trapeze?

Craig Russell said...

I wish! My Dad is still in great shape and still owns and runs his own company back in Delaware. He is an inspiration!