Saturday, July 03, 2010

Rogers Cancels Swim from Farallones to SF

Sailing to and from the Farallon Islands from San Francisco is a difficult and dangerous endeavor. The Farallons lie about 30 miles of the coast of San Francisco. That 30 miles can be some of the wildest water in the Pacific. And did we mention the great white sharks? Karen Rogers is an ultra swimmer from Lake Tahoe. She is used to the 54 degree water she would encounter during her swim. The thing she didn't count on was the 12 foot waves that prevented her boat from even getting to the islands. Maybe that's a good thing. The swim has been done before, but not for about 40 years. She may try again when the conditions are more favorable. Read the full story here.

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Dennis @ Discount Marine Electronics said...

I hate to hear that Rogers didn't have the chance to get in the water for this swim. Hopefully, the water conditions will be more favorable soon and she can make the 30 mile swim.